Frequently Asked Questions

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What is makes it very easy to send and share large files that are generally too big to email. It does this by allowing you to upload your file to our servers and it sends a link to a page where the file can then be retrieved by your recipient (or yourself if you are the recipient).

Do I need an account to use the site for free?

No. You only need a paid account if you would like to get the benefit of the added features, like the personal drop box, transfer history, larger size limit, higher download limit, storage space and much more.

How long are my files kept?

Free Site: 5 days
Premium Accounts: You determine how long files should be kept

How often can I use

Free Site: Unlimited (but with limited features)
Premium Accounts: Unlimited (full-featured)

What happens after my files expire?

They are marked for deletion from our servers and they are no longer accessible immediately after they expire.

Can I use to backup my files? is NOT a file backup service. As such, we do not maintain backups of files that are transferred through the site. All expired files and/or abuse-reported files are removed promptly and a hardware failure could result in the loss or damage to some files. As such, it would not be wise to use for backup purposes.

What else should I know?

Read our Terms of Service to ensure you are in compliance with the terms that govern the usage of this site.

How do I contact if I have any questions or problems to report?

You can contact us by emailing

Can I resend a transfer or add new recipients without having to reupload the file(s)?

Yes. While logged in, simply click the transfer name link in your history table. From there, you can resend emails to current recipients, enable/disable recipients, and even add new recipients.

I tried uploading a file and I got an error before it completed! What happened and what do I do?

While it is hard to determine exactly what caused your upload to fail, it usually indicates that your computer lost connectivity to the internet during the upload. This can sometimes occur because your internet browser or computer needs to be rebooted, so restart your browser and/or your computer and then try to upload the file again. If you continue to have connectivity problems, contact your Internet Service Provider to find out if they are experiencing any problems in your area.

How big can files be?

Please check out our Plan Comparison page for details

Person I sent the file(s) to says they never received the email, what gives?

A lot of times, SPAM filters are the cause of not receiving the email. The best way to address this problem is to include yourself as one of the recipients. Alternatively just send the file to yourself, then when you receive the link, forward the link to your recipient. This way, you always have a link to the file.

Why does my private-label Upload Widget say it cannot be hosted on this domain?

From the Received tab, manage your private-label Upload Widget settings and add the domain of the website you wish to put the Upload Widget on. You can include up to 3 domains (comma delimited).

I downloaded a video but I'm not able to see/hear the video/audio. Why is this?

TransferBigFiles does not modify uploaded files in any way. If you have downloaded a video and are having trouble seeing the video or hearing the audio, then most likely you do not have the proper software needed to play the file. Try searching Google for "AUDIO VIDEO CODEC" to find the appropriate software for your system.

I sent a file and it says it is expired and now I cannot download it, can you help me get it?

No! Files are removed from our system after they expire.

When I go to the download page the transfer shows as expired prior to the specified expiration data. Why is this?

Owners can expire their transfers early once they have been downloaded or for any other reason they choose. This is why you are seeing the transfer expire before the specified date.

How many times can my files be downloaded?

Please check out our Plan Comparison page for details

I forgot to change my transfer to never expire before uploading it, is there a way to update the expiration of a transfer?

Yes. While logged in, simply click the transfer name link in your history table. From there, you can change when a transfer is set to expire.

What are the details of your 14-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

If for any reason you are unhappy with a account, we will refund your payment. It is that simple. Our refund policy is also provided here.

There is a link to copyrighted material on your site, can you remove it?

On the download page, you can click on the "report abuse" link. A single report of an abusive link is all it takes to have the file removed. We have a zero tolerance policy for using for illegal activity.